CASE STUDY: North Shore Airport

North Shore Airport


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North Shore Airport is located just 25 minutes north of the Harbour Bridge, proximate to State Highway 1. It is currently capable of serving 500,000 people who live closer to North Shore Airport than Auckland Airport, with this number doubling to 1,000,000 people over the next 20-30 years.


Haines Planning has supported the owners of North Shore Airport (The North Shore Aero Club), through a series of various planning initiative advanced by Auckland Council. These included the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, area-based Structure Planning and a number of strategic planning studies. All efforts were directed towards ensuring that North Shore Airport be required as a significant infrastructure asset with potential to serve as Auckland’s second Regional Airport.


North Shore Airport now has its own Special Purpose Zone and a bespoke precinct plan, which is designed to facilitate the Airport’s future development potential. Through concerted effort the Company has fostered the development of a statutory planning framework that will ensure the on-going protection and expansion of this important transportation asset.