World-class planning for world-class clients.

Our promise is that we will provide our clients with planning solutions to assist timely delivery of their projects. We will achieve this by providing a professional, consistent and reliable level of service, expertise and access to the finest planners in New Zealand. We will consistently improve our team with constant on-going training and a spirit of excellence that is the very heart of our organisation.

Our company enjoys being part of a vibrant marketplace and contributing to the sustainable growth and development of New Zealand. We seek to be responsible in business, recognising that we are part of a wider community which provides the environment in which our business can succeed. With the benefits comes a sense of social responsibility and a desire to reciprocate in various ways.

We also seek to contribute to thought leadership in the profession by advancing visionary planning paradigms and challenging those that are not grounded in market realities.

One of New Zealand's leading and most established planning consultancies.

Haines Planning is a successful planning practice based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our Company is privately owned and was established 25 plus years ago by its Director, David Haines.

Prior to establishing Haines Planning, David Haines was the Senior Principal of a large multi-disciplinary consultancy and held senior posts in central and local government agencies. Our Company was formed in response to a clear need in the marketplace for a specialised planning practice comprising knowledgeable and experienced personnel, with a strong understanding of both commercial and environmental imperatives.

We work closely with our various institutional and private sector clients to understand their business needs and to seek ways of optimising their property portfolios through careful attention to project formulation. Our respected team of senior personnel all have local authority planning experience and are able to relate directly with officials at all levels of government in order to satisfactorily address relevant issues and achieve outcomes that are acceptable to applicants and consent authorities alike.

Our company is known for its strong commitment to professional standards, summarised as:

  • "Valued add" and results-oriented planning
  • Highest standards of professional service
  • Clearly understanding client needs and identifying appropriate strategies and solutions
  • Independent, accurate advice
  • Environmental considerations included in project formulation

The company has a 100% success rate in obtaining RMA authorisations for numerous commercial development projects which we have project managed. Nearly all of the applications have been obtained without notification thereby avoiding protracted delays through the third party appeal system, which operates in New Zealand.